Sunday, November 4, 2012

Moving Forward... Another Exploration

This week I have been working on cleaning up some forms that I made in response to the discussion my committee and I were having about relating the forms to the patterning. In addition I finally had my crit with Donna Nicholas this week which was absolutely helpful. She is a gem.... she had a lot of suggestions and comments which I was not thinking about or considering. From our talk I think I have decided to move on from vertical forms for a bit and work on larger plates and bowls. they are a great place to work out patterning without facing the challenge of fitting to the form and relating so critically to the surface. This is still something I have committed myself to figuring out but I have the suspicion that working on a flatter surface will quicken the desired outcome.

Also just yesterday I received my Amaco order which had the new underglazes I had been waiting for! I got right to work last night making test tiles so that I may get going on that new front! I hope to implement the underglazes and slips really soon!

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