Saturday, November 10, 2012


I recently came across this artist and was fascinated by the use of porcelain figurines within his work. He seems to be interested in capturing a photo that is very difficult for the eye to witness. I love these images, it is as if the figurines look happy to be moving and free. I think I am also really attracted to these images because they feel so awake and refreshing. The objects value in these pictures is not as precious and important. it is something about the lack of attachment to the the object within the work that I find captivating. I think this is relating to me because I don't want to be as attached to patterning and the perfection of the object as I current am within my work. I want to let some of it go by the wayside but I'm not sure what will be left.

Are you enjoying these as much as I am? check out his website for more!


  1. Now that's cool! :)

  2. so great! I'll have to check out his website -> when in doubt, smash shit.