Sunday, October 28, 2012


OK so this week I am focused on changing the way my imagery is presented on my work. I have been thinking about the ways that my layers or lack of layers are being portrayed within my work and also how to explore what I am trying create. soooo.... I have started to explore slips as underglazes. Both of these materials are not something that I have used but are a resource that I should have naturally found. Yes, they were around within my practice but they were not materials I was considering..... At this point I feel like this is a similar situation to how when you read a book and you grasp at parts that are relevant to you at the time, then you put the book down and let it marinate for awhile, then when you reread that same book after a month or a year, or 10 years new things strike you in ways that they had not previously before. slip and underglazes hold new potential for me. I understood them to be good for one purpose but now I see them as a resource that has a lot of potential to do many things. Well, we will see where it goes!  

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