Sunday, September 30, 2012


This week I have spent a lot of time developing the imagery on my work. I have been looking back at historic patterning to see how to manipulate  my patterns. Some styles which I am working from include tessellation, symmetrical patterning, stenciling and paper cutting. All which have been done throughout history.

AND...I found a website from which kids (and I) can create tessellations!

 In addition to working out some of the imagery i have had the challenge of figuring out how to adapt them to a 3-d  form. i have been trying all sorts of different ways to work this out. this week i had a semi breakthrough while working at the start up incubator. In Photoshop they now have the 3-d tools which allow one to work with a shape that appears 3-d. I was able to insert my pattern onto the shape and manipulate it to see what it would look like placed on the form. The tools still have there limitations/or I have not fully figured out the capabilities of the software. I was only able to work with the basic shapes like a sphere and cone. My hope is that at some point I will be capable of creating the patterns on the 3-d forms, or even import my shapes of my pots so that I may manipulate the patterning before I approach the real surface. Maybe after making the manipulations on the computer I can print out the flattened Birdseye view and translate that to my work. Hopefully it will eventually make the process of patterning on the work quicker and less tedious.

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